Principal - Control Micro Systems

Established in 1983, Control Micro Systems is an industry leading provider of turnkey industrial laser marking systems (including part handling and vision) for solving unique manufacturing material processing challenges. Our engineers are among the brightest in the laser industry and keep Control Micro Systems on the leading edge of turnkey solutions designed to meet specific production demands.

Whether you require a manual desktop laser marking system or a fully integrated and automated laser system with vision verification, CMS is your best choice.

Control Micro SystemsWorkstation (Two-Position Rotary Table)

The complete laser marking system is contained in a compact, 22”w x 28”d x 26”h, desktop laser safe enclosure. The marking enclosure is fabricated from anodized aluminum including an eye safe viewing window in the enclosure door. Class Type: CDRH Class I with manual load Output Power: 5W - 50W Laser Type: Ytterbium Fiber / CO2 Ability to mark parts up to 12" x 12" UID, 2D Matrix, and barcode laser marking and deep engraving capability Multi-language interface & user manuals. High beam quality and permanent durable mark.

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