Principal - Midas Technology

Midas Technology, Inc. was founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing an industry wide need for non-destructively removing lids from sealed packages so they could be resealed in original condition.

Midas Technology, Inc. also developed a Hot Gas rework technology for removing components from densely populated circuits without overheating or physically damaging adjacent devices.

From the very beginning, their machines were developed in close consultation with prospective users, and designed to meet or exceed US military standards for rework processes. Midas Technology, Inc. offers several different model de-liddersTM and a hot gas rework system.

Series 5 de-lidderTM

Midas TechnologiesThese machines remove lids from hermetic packages non-destructively, leaving a particle-free cavity and reseal-ready surface so product can be reworked and resealed. They have multipurpose and dedicated models for rectangular, round, and optical fiber modules.

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