Principal - Nordon MarcH Plasma

Nordson March is the global leader in advanced plasma cleaning and treatment technology for Semiconductor and Wafer Level Packaging, Printed Circuit Board and Life Science industries. W

e design and manufacture a complete line of plasma treatment systems, and maintain an expert staff of scientists and engineers trained in plasma science for advanced packaging, life science and PCB technology.

Nordson MarchModel AP1000

The AP-1000 platform is completely self-contained, requiring minimal floor space. The pump, chamber, control electronics, and 13.56 MHz RF generator are housed in a single enclosure. Full front access allows for convenient access to all interior components. The pump is positioned on rollers for easy removal.

The plasma chamber is constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel with aluminum fixtures for superior durability. The chamber has multiple removable and adjustable shelves to accommodate a range of part carriers, including magazines, trays, wafer and Auer boats.

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