Principal - thinky USA

The Thinky Corporation was founded in 1971. The home office is located in Japan. North America Sales is located in California and Service is located in New York. They have over 18,000 systems in the field with excellent results. They offer systems with and without vacuum for a wide range of uses such as research & development, manufacturing, quality control, etc.

Thinky Mixer Model ARE-310

Thinky CorporationThe centrifugal force of over 400G enables simultaneous processing of mixing, dispersion, and deaeration of various materials from low to high viscosities.

Furnished with a deaeration mode that enables high-precision deaeration, this model shows excellent performance in deaeration of high-viscosity adhesives and materials whose viscosities are increased by added fillers.

A wide variety of materials and uses are supported by using adapters for various containers. It is employed for production or research and development where small amounts of materials are prepared.

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